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Works of Hyojin Park resemble a sad monster. Sculptures supporting the base - such as Nike, David, Poseidon and Madonna - are the human figures or the human-like god/goddess in mythology representing the paradise of humans. The white and blue porcelain represent the highest level of cultural products. Whereas the realistic paradise sustains the base, the splendid flowers in the upper part are the products of higher desire and show the untouchable and unattainable paradise. Colourful pigments pour out the crazy feast of flowers in full bloom splendidly in all season and in all times. However these bunches of flowers that burst out desire fiercely and breathlessly are fake flowers, ceased in the most impressive moment and show nothing but castrated desire. As the sculptures and white/blue porcelain are not authentic originals but reproduced imitations, the reality itself that we dream may not be real. Also although the idealization has the most brilliant image, it has been castrated and killed. The colours burst out weighed down like shedding blood and dropping tears.

Hyojin Park’s works contains the sorrow gushing from both a transparent desire and a castrated desire. Her works crosses the best line between extreme beauties and reflects the monster’s eventual death from the unattainable desires. Above the elegance of the quiet pure white porcelain and the sculptures pursuing the best line of extreme beauty, the impressive flowers do not forget beauty nor wither, they are able to show the paradise contained within themselves even without exuding a scent. The thirst of the heartless youth is for the forgotten paradise. We already know that our desires can never be attained, and so our thirst for the failed paradise does not reduce. Redder than warm blood, brighter than gold, the glamorous colours of the flowers pitifully exudes sadness. Through the paint the perfect reality of the sculptures meets the unattainable paradise. Combined with the most beautiful form it has become a beautiful yet grotesque monster.


박효진_Bacchus_70x75x98cm_fake flower, resin, color pigment_2022.jpg
Hyojin Park
Bacchus, 2022
박효진_Tree Graces_50x55x76cm_fake flower, resin, color pigment_2020.jpg
Hyojin Park
Three Graces, 2020
Hyojin Park
Wisdom, 2020
Hyojin Park
Venus Floridity, 2020
Hyojin Park
Rejoicing, 2020

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