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Sanguun Bae’s painting project, the Velvet series offers a pictorial representation of the movements and depth of human relations. The Boundary Between Black and White and The Reversed Image of Black and White can be seen as an extension of her Knot series in the context of lines blurring the notions of inside and outside. The series is based on a line drawing, starting with black and white planes converging to “zero.” It is a work drawn on black velvet with a thin brush and gesso. It forms a single plane by combining the traces of the lines as if they were sweeping down the velvet. The black surface is an abstract space reminiscent of the universe. It also can be said to be a space reminiscent of static death. The holes in the unpainted margins thus can be considered a key part of the painting, depicting the infinite abyss.

Sanguun Bae’s works serve to reproduce visions and ideas of muteness, concentration, and devotion, that transcend time and space. They unfolds the pictorial visions that are drawn in meditation. Her works that lead to infinite time are the metaphysical result of ostensibly boring and repetitive actions. Her black velvet works turn the art of seeing into art of feeling, sharing, and empathizing. They seem to stem from the artist's deep interpretation of life. The black velvet used in the works is a material that does not reflect the original color of the paint. It creates a sense of deep space in the contrast between black and white through tens of thousands of repeated lines. Bae calls this process “the battle with velvet."


Sangsun Bae
Wave i, 2019
Sangsun Bae
Wave ii, 2019
Sangsun Bae
Untitled Panorama 2s, 2019

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